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Integrate WP Motion directly into your customer’s account with a snippet of code. Drastically improve on-boarding efficiency. Manage new customer’s migrations with a beautiful, responsive dashboard. Ensure that new customers are happy from the start.

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Migrate your WordPress site between hosting providers with a single click. WP Motion eliminates questionable or expensive migration alternatives. Worry less about the technical details, so you can focus on running your business.

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Ben helped me migrate my websites and was super helpful in every step of the process. Highly recommended as he takes the headache out of WordPress migration. If you are reading this and still considering moving your website yourself, you are a fool. Edmund

Founder, Flag Theory

Ben moved four of my websites to a different host in a couple of days without a hiccup. I felt at ease that my sites were in safe hands. I was updated regularly at each stage of the process, and now the sites are working perfectly. Ben is a competent and trustworthy operator. Highly recommended. Damian

Founder, Semi-Pro Cycling

WordPress Migration Plugin

Bluehost to WP Engine
  • DIY Single Click WordPress Migration Plugin
  • Easily Move WordPress from Bluehost to WP Engine (more hosts on the way)
  • Support questions answered in plugin repository on Github

Wordpress Migration

Single Site
  • Done For You WordPress migration from host A to host B
  • Delivered within 48 hours
  • Email support

WordPress Migration

Multiple Sites
  • Done For You WordPress migration (includes WordPress multi-site)
  • Delivered within 72 hours
  • Email support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WP Motion secure?

WP Motion is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption and does not accept unencrypted HTTP requests. All passwords are salted and hashed using the mcrypt library (256-bit AES) before being stored in the database. The encryption key is held securely on a remote server.

WP Motion requires your hosting credentials. For your increased privacy, you may wish to temporarily change your hosting provider’s password before the migration. You can then change your password back once the migration is done.

Following the migration, all hosting credentials and site contents are purged from our servers.

What hosting providers are supported for migration?

Presently supported migration paths:

  • Bluehost → WP Engine

Additional migration paths are under active development.

Is WP Motion reliable?

WP Motion is very reliable. It has been responsible for a large number of migrations. Switching IP addresses can be tricky. WP Motion has a number of mechanisms in place to safeguard against problems at this critical point. These mechanisms check to make sure that a list of conditions are met, prior to even considering the migration “ready for DNS changes.” WP Motion compares the new site with the original and will only switch DNS if they are greater than 97% similar.

What happens to my DNS after the migration?

As part of the migration process, DNS is moved to WP Motion’s infrastructure. Following the migration, DNS will be changed back to your original name servers, typically within the hour. At this point, DNS is under control by the original web host.

However, you have the option to leave DNS with WP Motion once the migration is complete, as some customers may wish to have their accounts terminated with the previous host.

My database is massive. Can it still be migrated?

Yes. During beta tests, we were able to consistently move a very large database.

The stats for our test database:

  • DB rows: 1.53m <– that’s a lot of comments!
  • DB size: 1070MB
  • DB size compressed: 43.9MB
  • Compression ratio: 24:1
  • WP Engine max file size: 512MB
  • Theoretical max size before compression: 12.4TB
Will additional migration paths be supported?

Definitely. Please vote for the hosts you would like migration support for.